Is It OK for Lawyers to Lie in Court --
If the Judge Lets Them?

Report on attorneys Grant Degginger (WSBA 15261), Ryan McBride (WSBA 33280), Robert Sulkin (WSBA 15425), and Malaika Eaton (WSBA 32837);
and the law firms Lane Powell, PC and McNaul Ebel Nawrot & Helgren, PLLC

  • A Request for Legislative Action
  • A Facsimile of a Complaint to the Washington Bar
  • A Report to the Executive Branches
  • A Report to Public Policy Forums

Is It OK for Lawyers to Lie in Court -- If the Judge Lets Them? is carefully documented.  Of necessity, we mention names of individuals.  We make no personal criticisms of those persons: we do, however, take exception to their conduct as officers of the court. 

The courts are part of our system of government.  It is both our right and our obligation as citizens to draw attention to socially destructive conduct, to publicly condemn it, and to lobby for correction.

Readers should be aware that at the time of this publication, none of those named have been charged by any criminal, civil, or professional authorities.  But we think they should be.

If the anomalies we document are occurring in a reputedly liberal, progressive state such as Washington, what is happening in the rest of the country?

Prepared as a public service by:

Carol and Mark DeCoursey
8209 172nd Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052

“Never allow it to be said that you are silent onlookers, detached spectators, but that you are involved participants in the struggle to make justice a reality.”
-- Martin Luther King, spoken during the August 28, 1968 March on Washington; quoted here from the memorial in the Rotunda of the King County Courthouse in Seattle

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